Remove musicclass from CHANNEL

To st a music on hold you go:

correct, but what if i want to remove the musicclass variable.

Here is the scenario: musicclass could have been set to the channel at some point during a call flow… however if or when the caller is sent to the queue i want it to use the musicclass= as set by queues.conf.

So I i want to remove any preexisting CHANNEL(musicclass) that may or may not exist on the channel so that I can be sure the queue will play the assigned musicclass.

The documentation clearly shows asterisk is backwards where the CHANNEL setting overrides a queue settings - this seems back to front. ( a more specific setting is overridden by a more general setting)

Anyway, whats the syntax for removing “musicclass” from the CHANNEL?

will this work: Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=)

PS: please don’t suggest Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=MyQueueMusicClass) before entering the queue… i specifically want to use the one specified in the queue.conf

If anyone was wondering…

clears the music on hold class, so that the queue MOH is whats specified in the queue.conf.

Now to see what happens if an agent answers the call and subsequently puts the caller in hold?