Remove +39 inbound call

Hi guys.
I need to remove the italian country code from inbound calls. The code is +39 my sip trunk always send it and it causing problem when i want to call back. I can t even get the phonebook module work as cid resolution because the numbers are sent with the evil +39 and they don t match!! Please… Help!!

ExecIf($["${CALLERID(NUM):0:3}" = "+39"]?Set(CALLERID(NUM)=${CALLERID(NUM):3}))

Thank you john!!
Where i have to put this?? I’m a newbie…

In the diailplan between when the call arrives and you need to use the caller ID for the purpose that is currently failing.

The person who wrote your dialplan really should know this, which makes me wonder if you are using a GUI. No GUI generated dialplans are supported here. AsteriskGUI and trixbox are unsupported. FreePBX is supported at

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