Remote Unix Disconnection && SIP Protocol packet lengths


My friend is running an Asterisk 1.4.42. He doesn’t speak english very well, so asked me to send two questions. Any response will be appreciated.

  1. In the asterisk console he is getting “Remote Unix Disconnection” quite some times. Can this be caused by a munin monitor?

  2. How long are SIP packets for calls? Are they standartized in length or each call has different packets?
    The reason for question 2 is because he got flooded with very small packets on port 5060 (UDP). We now blocked all packets with length up to 100 bytes, and the flood went away, however we are afraid not to break normal SIP telephony.

So does each call have like X bytes packets that are transmitted or its different per call and not a standard pattern?

Thanks in advance.

  1. If it is using the “asterisk -r” functionality to do things, then yes.

  2. They are variable. 100 bytes is possibly okay.

Asterisk 1.4 is more than a decade beyond end of life, although this should not affect the answers to the detailed questions.

On question 2: packets may also be sent outside of calls, to monitor connectivity and for registration, and packets of different types can be sent within calls, e.g. the 100 trying response, or INFO used for DTMF could be quite short, but the final 200 OK could quite long.

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