Remote Server Queue Status


I want to know Queue status of Remote Server call connection is SIP-Trunk.

Like I have a ACD server and IPBX server .calls comes to IPBX and am routing to ACD server for distribution to Agents.My Query is before passing th call I want to the Queueststus of ACD

You address your enquiry to “Sir”. That implies you think there is someone employed to answer questions here. That is not true. This is a peer support forum, where users help each other.

This forum is, in any case, not for asking for support. There are forums with Support in their name for doing that.

There are no general mechanisms in SIP for obtaining such information. WHilst it might be provided as presence, you are going to have to ask the vendors of the third party equipment for the details. In any case, Asterisk doesn’t have a general capability to relay SIP presence information, so you will need to make connections directly to the third party equipment. You may will have to use a proprietary, management interface.