Remote queue members all on cell phones?

Sorry for the n00b question - been searching the forums and haven’t found an answer to this question:

My son has a bike messenger service and we’re trying to figure out a easier way to get the messengers to be able to take calls with their own cell phones (e.g. logging into the incoming call queue) and have calls distributed via the queue instead of a dispatcher taking the call and relaying the information.

While I know we can forward extensions to cell phones via followme; the maintenance piece of that would be tough with the number of college aged kids working odd / short shifts (or working for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the semester and then not showing up again until the semester is over), is there an easy way to have the messengers remotely log into the queue when they come on shift and log off at the end of their shift?

Am I making this harder than it has to be?

Thanks for ANY info / guidance you can give me.

I would do exactly what you are doing unless you are interested in paying a consultant do some type of complex IVR remote login/logout system for queue agents.

Maybe help the process along by creating a FMFM extension for every user, add something like iSymphony to the mix and the operator can drag and drop calls. It could be a little easier to work with.

Do they stop by the office at all? If so you get X number of phones and have them all in the queue or as stand alone extensions and forward via tangible phone when they come in/unforward when they leave.

Just throwing out some ideas.


Thought about doing that, but the messengers usually only stop by the office long enough to pick up a pay check (if they don’t have direct deposit); and all the messengers use their own bicycles; so again, no reason for them to stop by.

There are two draws to having the messengers use their own phones:

  1. My son wouldn’t need to have 10 more cell phones on his plan
  2. The tracking to determine who was dispatched/who took the call would be done by CDR (either by outgoing call from queue or the dispatcher).


However this is deprecated, so you should look at the documentation for how to do it with more primitive functions.

Hi We have done very similar systems, see … -study.pdf fo r an example, basicly what you need to do is create Local members, that point a DB entry for the couriers mobile, then use the Macro option of the Dial command to force the couriers to press a digit to accept the call.


that is one hell of a setup ian, I am impressed.

The Telco’s switching PRI’s is huge.