Remote from office

I have a Asterisk box and as Consultant I am often at other offices.
I would like to get my phone calls there on my VoIP phone, but only if I am there.

Is there a way that I dial a number (“I am here now”) and all calls would be forwarded to this (remote) number.

Since I would use that phone also for making phone calls, I would like to open it for other calls with the same procedure.

When I am done working there, I would need to dial a number and cancel this settings, means the phone can only call my office (no PSTN calls) and no calls from my office would be forwarded.

How can I do that?



Not sure if this is what you want, but you could use global variables, like:
exten => 123,1,SetGlobalVar(PDN=SIP/pdn)
exten => 124,1,SetGlobalVar(PDN=ZAP/whateveryournumberis)

Meaning, you call 123 and you will get the variable ${PDN} to SIP/pdn (your SIP phone)
And if you call 124 ${PDN} will be your external number.
Hope it’s useful for you.
Please, get back at me with results, since I’m planning to implement this in some near future.
Best regards.

Looks like you are asking for FollowMe application. 1.4 has this built-in so check that out. Or you’ll need to build one by yourself. You also need to build a simple dial plan to activate this remotely, toward the dialing station.

To enable outgoing calls from remote VoIP phone, check out DISA. You also need to build a simple dial plan to activate this from remote.

But the most critical is to design a security mechanism. (e.g., you don’t want anybody with access to a VoIP phone to call those “magic numbers” and use your outgoing lines - you may not want your calls to be forwarded to someone else’s desk, either. On the other hand, if you use DISA’s password every time, that’s workable but inconvenient.) A lot of these details can only be decided by the user - yourself.

You can do it in a few ways, two of which are below;

exten => 123,1,Dial(SIP/123&yourphonenumber@outboundcontext)
exten => 124,2,voicemail(u123@default)
exten => 124,3,hangup

This has * dial your extension and your phone cell number at the same time then go to voicemail (assuming your context in voicemail.conf is “default”) anytime a phonecall comes in for you.

exten => 123,1,Dial(SIP/123)
exten => 123,2,Dial(SIP/yourphonenumber@outboundcontext)
exten => 124,3,voicemail(u123@default)
exten => 124,4,hangup

This has * dial your extension and your extension first then call your cell phone, then go to voicemail (assuming your context in voicemail.conf is “default”) anytime a phonecall comes in for you.

I Hope this helps.

drwho: Wow, so simple, …

but wait, isn’t that just a change in the dial plan!!! Aren’t you asking to change the dialplan when I go out and when I come back and reload ??? And during the time I go there, they would already receive my phone calls!!! Sure ssh would let me do that remote as well.

Anyway, thanks for your time to answer.

I will look at the FollowMe / DISA solution, that sounds for me the right thing.

I also learnt from the SetGlobalVar solution, although I will not use it for this problem, but I am sure it will be useful in the future for me.

Also a combination, e.g., to let the remote phone ring after 1 min and give just a reminder to turn on FollowMe. (Not thought in details how to make this yet).



You don’t have to reload when you get back or leave your desk. You set it and forget it, it will follow the same pattern you set it to at all times. You can use either of the two sample dialplans I stated above. I personally use it as well so I know how it works and I receive my calls unfailingly (without need to reload when I’m in or out of the office). Bottom line is for the first sample; when you are at your desk you will not need to answer your cell phone when * calls them both same time, for the second sample * calls ur desk first if there’s no answer it then calls your cell phone which you can then pick up anywhere you might be. Simple and fulfills your need.

No it doesn’t fit!

Look at that possibility:
I am talking on the phone, with a customer, step out for a moment, …

Than the call would also be able to be picked up at the remote office.

I want it only as controlled being at the other place.
e.g. if it rings, but ask you for a password, than it would be still ok that way you suggest.



Perhaps I don’t understand what you are trying to do.

[quote=“drwho”]Perhaps I don’t understand what you are trying to do.[/quote]i think it would be better if the OP actually detailed what he wanted to happen instead of people trying to guess and being told “it doesn’t fit”.

when i install a system, i spend > 75% of the time planning with the client what’s going to happen … then it’s more likely to be right first time.

I think he wants remote call forwarding that he can turn on and off.

One sort of ugly way to do this is to create a queue for yourself, ringall strategy, no announce. Into this queue put all your office phones and an agent. Then use AgentCallbackLogin to turn it on and off. However as i recall agentcallbacklogin will be killed after 1.4 :frowning:

Another “ugly” possible way would to forward to a conference and invite all possible remote office numbers (password protected). And call out via pin code.

(above not thought through in details)



I have multiple sip phone, all are rung when a call comes in. Some are not always reachable (wireless, etc.)

exten => 12345678901,4,Dial(${ANDY}&${MY1SIP}&${MY2SIP}|20,r2t)

where the vars all point to sip phones ANDY=SIP/123 or MY1SIP=SIP/456 etc. Each one could be only "ON’ or reachable when I am near them. Some phones have do-not-disturb option that one wouldn’t notice it ringing. If they are zap channels, go with a queue:

You could also make a queue for your extension to log in on wherever you are.

andye said kind of what I was going to say.

You can just carry a Wifi phone and point it to the public IP of the server
then set something like

Exten => 123,1,dial(Sip/WIFI&SIP/OTHERNUMER&IAX/outsidecell,20,r)

that way it will ring both phones at the same time and there is no turning Setvar on and off.