Remote extensions show registered but,,

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I have switched my dsl router setup at home, in that ,I have eliminated my actual Linksys router out of the lan picture.The server itself is acting as the router now for my home lan(2 nic setup). In essence now the actual Centos 5 server - that is running asterisk- now ends up with the public IP address,instead of previously the Linksys router had the public ip and the server ended up with the traditional 192.168.1.x .
I had given up a while back on trying to get Asterisk to work due to so much one way audio problems, FYI. I am once again pursuing to get asterisk working again.
My problem now is when I remotely register an extension in the same manner I did before the router change, the extension does show registered,but,in the Asterisk GUI it never shows as registered. Also when doing a ‘sip show peers’ from the asterisk cli ,remote extensions are not shown as registered as well,FYI.
My guess is I need to add the public ip (range) of what my server is to “accept” this subnet now that the server is showing the public ip? I have searched but do not see this variable in asterisk. As much time as I have spent reading up on asterisk,I still feel like I do not know much of anything when trying to resolve problems like I am explaining here! I am sure some veteran asterisk guru has the down and dirty on what I need to do for a resolve?

context = default
allowoverlap = no
bindport = 5060
bindaddr =
srvlookup = yes
allowexternaldomains = yes
allowguest = yes
allowsubscribe = yes
allowtransfer = yes
alwaysauthreject = no
autodomain = no
callevents = no
canreinvite = yes
checkmwi = 10
compactheaders = no
defaultexpiry = 120
domain =
dtmfmode = rfc2833
dumphistory = no
externhost =
localnet =
localnet =
externrefresh = 10
fromdomain =
g726nonstandard = no
jbenable = no
jbforce = no
jbimpl =
jblog = no
jbmaxsize =
jbresyncthreshold =
language =
maxcallbitrate = 384
maxexpiry = 3600
minexpiry = 60
mohinterpret = default
mohsuggest =
nat = yes
notifyringing = yes
pedantic = no
progressinband = never
promiscredir = no
realm = asterisk
recordhistory = no
registerattempts = 0
registertimeout = 20
relaxdtmf = no
rtpholdtimeout = 60
rtptimeout = 55
sendrpid = no
sipdebug = no
subscribecontext =
t1min = 100
t38pt_udptl = no
tos_audio = 0
tos_sip = 0
tos_video = 0
trustrpid = no
useragent = Asterisk PBX
usereqphone = no
videosupport = no
disallow = all
allow = ulaw
allow = alaw
allow = gsm
srvlookup = yes

Centos 5 - Asterisk 1.4.21 ( rpm install)

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Would you have made any changes to your sip_nat file when you had the original setup? Its quite possible you had to add an entry to map your public address to private before you removed your Linksys router which is now causing the problem.