REmote extensions not registering


Don’t this this is specific to asterisk, but seeking help nonetheless.

I’m running asterisk on my home DSL connection. I have three remote extensions using Linksys SPA941 phones (remote salesreps, we give them a phone to drop on their desk).

The remote extensions ‘mostly’ work. But sometimes the phone drop off and they won’t register back to my asterisk box. I don’t think they’re even touching the asterisk box, the log files don’t show any attempt at registration when this happens.

Rebooting/powerdown, nothing seems to help. Sometimes unpowering the phones for some hours seems to correct the problem - but clearly that’s problematic.

Would a different phone help? Any other thoughts on what my be causing this?

It looks like a network issue,

Do you have an static public IP address ?

Did you try with a different router ?

I have a static IP.

It’s not the router. It’s happening on 3 seperate and unrelated remote extension at three seperate locations. I’m pretty sure it’s either the phone, or I’ve got something setup wrong.

It’s odd that it’s not consistent. It just happens randomly.

Try with a different phone may help, you could try with a softphone too.