Remote Extension No audio/UNREACHABLE

Hi Team,

I have installed freePBX which comes in iso format within CentOS. I have static IP —> Firewall/Router—>PBX server architecture in my office. All sip extension are working fine with PSTN as well as extension to extension in local LAN.But when I am registering extension (remote extension) out of my network with static IP (Forwarded port UDP 5060, 10000-20000 in my router), it gets register successfully, but when i am checking the seep peers this remote extension shows status as “UNREACHABLE”. and not getting audio from onside and sometimes on both sides.

Please suggest any extra configuration which suppose to make to troubleshoot the issues.

Please ask on as we can only give advice on directly manipulating the configuration files, which is likely to upset the FreePBX GUI.

My guess is that your remote devices are registering with an unrouteable contact address. In any case you need to provide the relevant state information for the remote devices and the registration SIP exchanges. Details depend on which channel driver you are using for SIP.


The key word here is “sometimes”. If your issue is intermittent, it looks like you have problems on a network level. Please check IP connectivity first.
Apart from that, it is not clear whether all these issues (unreachable trunks, one-way audio, total loss of audio) appear simultaneously or they look independent?

In any case, I recommend you providing packet trace from Asterisk server next time when this issue arises:
tcpdump -w <filename.pcap>.
It may reveal a lot.

If the issue is permanent, in might be caused by incorrect NAT settings on your router. Are you using NAT/PAT? How have you configured it in Asterisk / FreePBX? Have you enabled ALG on the router?