Remote endpoint no longer connecting

I have a question in regards to a remote client having problems connecting to my hosted server. I’m wondering if it has something to do with an IPv6 address.

I’m hosting a server, straight Asterisk, v14, and an IPv4 address. The remote user had been able to connect to the server just fine, until today. The user’s credentials are fine. I was able to connect to the server using the user’s config file, downloaded to a phone at a different remote location. But the other user cannot connect. I used TeamViewer and did a factory reset on their phone, then set it up to download the config file from my provisioning server (different than the asterisk server). The phone downloads the config file just fine, but I never see it attempt to register on my server (whereas the test phone did). Interestingly, on my provisioning server, I see that it is using an IPv4 address, but through a browser on their desktop, it shows both an IPv4 & IPv6 address. I can connect to the phone (through TeamViewer, using an IPv4 private address), but am wondering if the phone is using the client’s public address (potentially IPv6) and having issues. I’m using fail2ban, and have whitelisted the user’s IPv4 address.

Having not done anything with IPv6, I was wondering if there is anything specific that needs to be done to allow IPv6 clients to connect? Additionally, does anybody have an idea as to what to try next to resolve this issue?