Remote Dialplan and Peers Editing

Hi everyone.

I need to develop a web control interface for the asterisk softswitch that menages the carrier preselection service for my company. The softswitch is made of 3 asterisk boxes: server A that receives the incoming SIP traffic, checks the user account, does the billing and routes the traffic on server B or server C, that terminate with a LCR mechanism the traffic on the SIP carriers. All the boxes are equipped with asterisk 1.2.X.

The way i thought doing this, is editing via a php GUI the sip.conf and extensions.conf on the 3 boxes, and then doing a “sip reload” and “extensions reload” via asterisk manager and the asterisk php api.

The question so is: is there a way to permanently modify the dialplan and the peers via the manager? Is there a better way to remotely modify the peers and the extensions?

thanks everyone and excuse me for the bad english!


I think asterisk real time would be the best solution for you. You write to a db and everything happens in “real time” (as the name suggests).

Also there are a lot of carrier solutions that are out there. PM me for some solutions that may be worth it for you.

Yeah, the best solution is probably a centralized realtime server with the configurations for the boxes.

But i’ll implement this functionality in a further step of re-organization of the structure, probably paired with linux-HA (i don’t want to add points of failure)…

By now, i need something to do the things quick-and-dirty, so i thought to the editing of the files/reload from the asterisk manager combo…