Remote clients - HELP!

I’ve spent the last two days trying to get a soft client (xlite) working with no joy.

The setup I have is * behind a nat fireall, with a static IP. The remote clients are behind various makes of nated firewalls.

Is there a solution that caters for most (stun?) that I can deploy? It needs to be simple as these are home workers with no IT knowledge.

I’m aware of AIX clients, however, in order to conserve bandwidth, I want to use SIP so that I can use reinvites, so the bandwith load to the * server is minimised (don’t want rtp traffic going thru *). I’m sure someone has done this before, but I can’t find any real sources on this subject.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


I don’t think you need iax2 clients to solve your problems, but you are likely to have a real challenge trying to get the reinvites working in the type of setup you described.

Make sure you have the appropriate ports forwarded to you * box, and make sure you have your externip or externhost settings in sip.conf setup properly. Disable reinvites, at least to get things working. If need be, post your sip.conf and X-Lite settings on the forum for review.


Everything is there : … +solutions

With thoses instructions, I have been able to get remote SIP client working very well.

Where does one find a list of the “appropriate voice ports” needed to run * behind a firewall?

SIP : 5060 and 5061 I think
RTP : look in the rtp.conf (10000 to 20000 by default)