Remote Administration

Would it be possible to setup a special phone number that if you entered the magic pin number you could gain access to a ssh session for administrative purposes?

I know you could do this with a modem, I am just thinking outloud…

what are you going to do with this session ? tell your computer the commands ?

I really want to be able to connect to the server for an ssh session and I was just wondering if we really needed a modem connected to a FXS port. But I suppose that is probably the only way to do it…

This is probably just a dumb idea.

how would you input SSH commands on a telephone? i’m sure OPENING a SSH session can be done, but sending ad-hoc data to one? not so sure.

if you were just wanting to open an SSH session and pass preconfigured data (like pinging a certain address or something), that would be fairly easy - just look at the System command.

in fact, i think there is an AGI script out there designed to allow you to ping a remote system through the telephone - i’ll see if i can dig it up, it might offer a good starting point.

With my blackberry I can receive emails and such, so output could come to me via email. It would be an interesting way to get a system status report remotely.


So if you dial in to a DID or special backdoor number you could be voiced prompted for what you want the server to do. Make a choice from the tree and have the server send you the results via email/tm/etc.

Any one doing this?

You can use System() cmd and run bash script. Script can send you an email with whatever output you want.

  • box will need access to internet and an email deamon.