Remind a caller *in call* of depleted balance

Hi there,

I am using fastAGI to manage a custom callingcard application from a Win2003 server with my fastAGI server written in C# (that info isn’t really useful for helping me but it’s just such a charm to work with * from .NET *g).

My issue is that after successful authentication and capturing the destination num from the caller I then execute a DIAL on that channel.
So far so good but now I want to be able to remind the caller about his balance running low. Currently the DIAL command only returns when the callee has hung up (or after timeout of no answer) and I was thinking back and forth of how to accomplish this “barge-in” kind of anouncement to the caller at 2minutes before “game over”.

Hope I was able to express my problem well enough and I hope that you guys have some hints for me! :smile:

Oh and additionally - is there a way to get DTMF events from certain channels? I would love to be able to allow the caller to control certain things like re-origination (i.e. hang up remote end and get new dialtone).
And yes, I know that I can use the “h” option in DIAL to allow the user to re-originate with a “*”. :smile:

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Problem solved - just using the “L” option in the DIAL command does exactly what I want. Well, I should have seen that earlier… :wink: