Released Voix Phone 1.0

I’ m pleased to announce the release of Voix Phone 1.0.
Voix Phone Is a multiplatform IAX soft phone, its engine derives from Voix Manager, the powerful Asterisk call manager interface, from wich it inherits stability and robustness.

Voix Phone has been thought with simplicity in mind, all feature needed by the user, fast and easy usable, with the minimum configurations, just fill the phone login information and play.
We hope that this our contribution could be useful to who requires of a simple but advanced soft phone, Voix Phone is distributed freeware for non commercial use.
Why IAX ?
IAX is one of the least VoIP signaling standard that eliminates the problems imposed upon the competing SIP standard by NAT firewalls.
IAX is supported primarily by Asterisk.


IAX/IAX2 protocols
Call transfer
Calls Incoming status
Access voice mail message with one button
Automatic provisioning (XML)
Missed call Log
Dial Missed call
Hold function
Hold status (number of users waiting)
Quick dial
Support for multiple audio devices
Available codecs GSM, ulaw, alaw, speex, ilbc
DTMF tones sending
Echo cancellation
Adaptive Jitter Buffer
Address book
Automatic user registration
Account password encryption

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