Relay? NAT?


I’m newbie using VoIP and Asterisk and I’d like somebody to help-me!

I have this situation:

PAP2 --> --> --> PAP2

All adapters in my company are configured to use IP as proxy server but now we moved Asterix to on a new and better machine!

In our situation we can’t put the IP in the new asterisk installation because the machine with this IP has some other applications configured to use this specific IP address.

As we have many PAP2 to reconfigure I’d like to keep PAP2 using and when PAP2 tries to register (login) the machine automatically redirects the requisition to and PAP2 makes the registration (login).

I’d like a way to connect (login) my PAP2 (configured to proxy direct to so all traffic are made direct between PAP2 and… and I have no traffic between PAP2 and… before the login (registration)…

NOTE: All asterisk accounts are now created on - has only asterisk… (no users configured)

Is it possible? If it’s, what’s the name of this technique? Relay? NAT?

I’d like more information, so I can search for a solution!

thanks a lot!