Rejecting an incoming call using analog phone/ATA

Hello all,

I’ve been doing some research online and I wanted to find out if there is a way I can use Asterisk to reject an incoming call using an analog/ATA setup registered to an Asterisk server. I know most IP phones have a reject incoming feature that displays on the interface of the IP phone where you can just press the corresponding button. However, analog phones lack many features. Could I set up a feature code on Asterisk that I could press on an analog phone connected to an ATA which is registered to an Asterisk server to reject an incoming call?


You can’t send DTMF from an analogue phone until you have answered the call. That is fundamental to how they work.

I believe you can delay the inbound answer, but that would mean the callee would have to explicitly accept every incoming call.

Thanks David for your response!

Do you know if it is possible to set up a DTMF code to reject an incoming Call Waiting call while the user is already on the phone with someone? Thanks.