Reject DID Help

Hi Everyone,

My Carrier is set to forward a DID to another number for faxing. The only way it will forward is if the phone system rejects the DID or rejects the route.

The carrier is set up for fail over. Basically if they get no response from the phone system they automatically forward it to the number I gave them.

How can I reject a number so that it fails and forwards to the right number? Please Help!

Thank you

Do not issue Answer(). Do issue hangup with an appropriate parameter. Google “ISDN cause codes” for a list of values. If you need to go further, ask your provider what SIP response codes are treated as rejection, then look at the code of chan_sip.conf, to see which hangup() value generates one of those cause codes.

NB. You cannot combine this with fax detection, as that requires that you accept the call.

Most service providers will not accept SIP transfers.