Registering SIP Trunk through VLAN ID

Dear all,

I have a reoccurring problem which I have not been able to solve in over a year.

I have an internet fibre connection to my office. This connection uses VLAN IDs for the internet (VLAN ID 621) and VOIP (VLAN ID 822). This package comes with a Thomson Wireless Router which you can attach your phone to.

I have adapted a linux script which enables me to bypass the router and connect my gateway server directly to the internet through the fibre modem. My Asterisk server resides on the same server.

I have been trying to register the telephone number that came with the package on the Asterisk server. I have been having difficulties doing this. The internet provider will not help me as they want me to use their residential grade router.

I have extracted the following SIP settings from the router:
set var=URI_URI value=XXXXX
set var=URI_USERNAME value=XXXXX
set var=URI_PASSWORD value=XXXXX
set var=ACS_URL value=
sip config useragentdomain="" secproxyaddr= proxyport=sip secproxyport=sip secregaddr= regport=sip regexpire=60 regexpire_Tbefore=1 notifier_addr= notifier_port=sip subscribe_expire=3600 CWreply=180 transport=UDP rtpmapstaticPT=disabled

Have anyone had any success in doing something similar to this? Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,