Register sip - ICMP unreachable

i have asterisk running on a virtual machine inside my windows box. Both are assigned different IP addresses and are able to ping one another.

I can even use my windows softphone to connect to the asterisk box and log in, so I get my phone number.

I have some captured packets from ethereal, but its just saying that port 5060 is unreachable. How do I make it reachable?

12:32:35 Running SIP Network Tool 12:32:35 Checking Internet is Connected... 12:32:35 Internet is Connected 12:32:35 Stopping SIP Engine 12:32:35 Opening Internet Ports 12:32:41 Sip Port 5070 (UDP) opened OK 12:32:41 Local network IP is: 12:32:41 This computer is connected to Internet over a network using a NAT, router or Internet Connection Sharing 12:32:41 Checking with STUN 12:32:47 SIP Network Tool finished 12:32:47 Restarting SIP Engine 12:32:47 SIP Private IP is: 12:32:47 SIP Public IP is: x.x.x.x:5070 12:32:47 SIP Number: 1408xxxxxxx@x.x.x.x:5070 12:33:06 Restarting so settings take effect. 12:33:08 Attempting to register sip:1408xxxxxxx@ 12:33:50 Server did not respond to register (sip:1408xxxxxxx@

If you’ve figured this out could you post the answer here? I have the same problem and need the answer.



I’m also having this problem. If you have a resolution pls post.