Register SIP extension and SIP trunk to same host IP

I have a asterisk 13.11.2 PBX and a grandstream UCM61XX. I need to register a SIP extension from the asterisk PBX onto the Grandstream and also have a trunk between the two.

I can get both registered properly however my problem is identifying the endpoints.

Can somebody help ?

You haven’t stated what happens and provided the console output. That is needed, or else we’re guessing what happens based on the configuration.

Sure, apologies. What happens is “vocovosip” always gets matched to “1003”

You can’t have two “identify” sections matching the same address. There is no way to differentiate them because the matching is only done on the IP address.

Ok , i thought that was it, Is there anything you can suggest ?

Why do you think you need to match the same device by IP address twice in the first place?

I am not sure, probably because i am not very experienced with this.

Are you saying i should have something like this ?

I don’t know how the Grandstream PBX sends calls, but it may work. The problem is that it may not be designed/configured to allow both a trunk and an extension to the same device, so from the Asterisk side you can’t differentiate.