REGISTER problem

Hi all,

Scenario is:

(me) Asterisk PBX <==> (customer) 3COM VCX 7210 Call Processor

All calls work fine in both directions, no issues as far as I can see.

Problem: I’m getting “REGISTER” requests coming through to the Asterisk server to which I am responding “404 Not Found”.

The REGISTER request is (abbreviated):

REGISTER sip:;user=callp SIP/2.0
from: sip:;tag=a35d674
to: sip:
contact: sip:3ComCallProcessor@
x-3com-callp: keep_alive;first=false

I’ve just included headers that look to be relevant to keep the post concise.

What is it that my asterisk is objecting to? What do I need to set up to have this request respond with an OK?

I’ve tried adding a username field to the trunk definition in asterisk, i’ve renamed the trunk definition, both without any effect. I’m also not 100% sure what the username should be - i’d guess “callp” but another site I visited seemed to imply that “3ComCallProcessor” as indicated by the “contact” line would actually be correct.

Further, is it actually valid for this to be happening? i.e. rather than me fix it, should I actually be asking them to turn it off? There isn’t any authentication on the line, it’s configured as insecure (it’s a trusted internal lan anyway) and as I say, all calls work just fine in both directions.

Any hints much appreciated… even if just to say “dude it’s not worth worrying about if the rest is all working”… I just don’t like to leave a loose end hanging around.

Thanks in advance


As far as I can tell, the to header should be:

to: sip:xxxx@

and it is the xxxx that you want.