Register DVG-6001G gateway to Asterix SIP

I am trying to register my DVG-6001G with Asterisk Pbx using SIP configuration on ubuntu system
I have done all configuration and settings but it is not working

Do you use FreePBX or your installation is pure Asterisk? If it is the second upload what settings you have in your sip.conf and extensions.conf files.

Thank you for your response,

I don’t use FreePBX, I use pure Asterisk

I currently use asterisk 13 and I was able to finally register the sip connection; I figured I had to change the device work mode to bridge instead of route.

But I keep getting WRONG PASSWORD error even though the passwords I set at both ends are the same.

When you get the WRONG PASSWORD? Give the following command in the asterisk cli and put the output here.

sip show peers

Hi Emmydee47,

Do you mind posting some instructions of your configuration with the DVG-6001G with Asterisk? I just got one but was unable to deploy successfully.

Thanks in advance.