Register different tls certificates at peer level in chan_sip


Due to one particular requirement that I have, I want to configure 2 different TLS certificates to be used on SIP transport for 2 different peers.
First of all, is it even possible in ? if yes then can some one guide me through how to configure this.
I tried to configure the certificate in peer configuration, but that seems to not work.


On chan_sip those 2 settings are set under general section


tlscafile=/etc/ssl/ca.pem ; This is the CA file used to generate both certificates

I think the OP wants a different tlscertfile for each peer, which he can’t have, or at least not without using multiple transports in chan_pjsip.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by both here

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As is well known, when using chan_sip there is only one transport section, which is configured under general section, Having said that, it is clear these settings can’t be applied individually on each SIP peer

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Thanks for your inputs

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