"Regenerated" CDRs not linking to call recordings in CDR Reports

I had an incident at a customer where CDRs were not being written to the database for 2 days. However, the calls were recorded and there are matching recording files.

With some scripting, I have “regenerated” these missing CDRs to some extent and imported them into the database. They are showing up correctly in the CDR Reports frontend, however, they are not linking through to the corresponding call recording files (see screenshot).

My database entries (for the regenerated calls) look as follows:

Here is the same record in the CDR Reports frontend:

I have only regenerated the src, dst, uniqueid and recordingfile fields as I believed that this was all that was necessary to allow the recordings to link back from the CDR Reports module.

I have confirmed that the recording files themselves are in the correct directory and have the correct permissions.

What am I missing?

This is a FreePBX question so you’d probably have better luck on their forum. Asterisk itself doesn’t do the linking and such, that’s up to the FreePBX modules.

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