Reg. line failure detection


i have asterisk 1.2.7. with TDM 2400p, fxo , 24 trunk lines terminated. sometimes , one of lines goes dead, and creates some issues like blank calls … …Is there anyway to detect the line faliure ,should automaticlly inform by email or some other means… in asterisk??

Thanks in advance

Any help , would be great.

Thanks in Advance

since there’s little functionality in Zap for detection of line status, you’re going to be hard pushed to find anything that can detect and diagnose problems, inside or outside Asterisk. sorry.

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May i know, how do i do Please ?

Thanks in advance

do what ? i just said, i don’t think you’ll find anything that can do what you want. the closest i can think of is a programatic dialling of a number to another box that answers and plays audio/DTMF, and you base the success/availablity of a channel on that.