Reg. High availability and Load balancing setup help require


I have following setup

E1<----->Audiocdes1<–>Asterisk <— >agents.

Now i am planning for H/A and L/b. So i would to like to setup like the following blocks.

E1<----->Audiocdes1<–>Asterisk 1<— >| Common agents for |both asterisk involved and
E2<----->Audiocdes2<–>Asterisk 2<— >| queing involved in it.

As for this setup, i wish to prevent the single point of failure starts from lines,device and asterisk and balance load and between asterisk , audiocdes.

i have gone through the … +Solutions

After this going through this page ,little bit confused, which options to select for this setup.

It would appreciate , if you experts advice a solution to go with this setup for H/a and load balancing.

Thanks in advance.


Can anyone help me on the same?


That doesnt show HA at all unless all your traffic normally runs under E1-1 and when there is a failure you tell the telco to route all calls to E1-2 (which probably cant be done automatically.

Usually for HA you run your E1\T1 lines to a single gateway (audiocodes) (or 2 if you need a totally bullet proof install) and then hang two or more Asterisk servers off the gateway. One is active and one or more is on standby. If the HA heartbeat (or whatever you decide to use) detects a failure one of the standbys takes over.

The gateways tend to be pretty robust so most of the time you would only have one in place.


As for my plan, only one gateway (audiocodes1) will be active for incoming calls(E1 - active),Second e1 line and audiocodes2 will be act like passive for incoming calls.

So for E1-Audiocodes (A/P) setup.

When calls lands in the audiocodes, i can program in such a way, audiocodes will forward this to both asterisk in some fashion, such that both asterisk will be used simultaneously, also i can program in audiocodes with to forward all the calls if one asterisk fails, to take care of single point of failure.

In this case calls will be routed to both asterisks by some way. asterisks sould be in Active/Active. Both asterisk have identical set of configurations sip,extensions,etc with different ip address configured in nic.

how sould i configure the sip clients, in such way if one asterisk fails , the asterisk to take care of the load from its peers.

Also both are active, load should be shared.

if in case agent 1 registersd to asterisk1 and agent2 registered in asterisk2.

Now a call lands on asterisk2,after ivr , external user wants to talk to agent1, at this situation, how to handle this ? Since agents not registered in asterisk2, but it should not drop the call, it must forward to asterisk1, if it is live else, the call must routed directly from asteriskd to agent1

How shoudl i design like this setup, the same way for outbound calls too…

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Thanks in advance


any help would be appreciated…


I would appreciate , if you can help me on the same!!



Any help would be appreciated…