Refresh in Connection of the Agent

Hi guys, how i refresh connection of the agent ??
the agent computer has been shutdown without logoff, in the asterisk manager the agent remains online.
how i refresh to check connection with agent ?

Do you mean a CTI application using AMI, rather than an agent?

The TCP connection will be torn down in a minute or so after Asterisk tries to output something to it, so unless you have no events enabled, it will clear of its own accord. Once the CTI client is back up, any attempt by Asterisk to send will get a TCP RST, and the connection will clear promptly.

In any case, Asterisk doesn’t limit the number of AMI connections, so you can simply start a new one whilst waiting for the old one to fail.

Ok, i get it. But the problem its related with my softphone scenario. The user (agent) its already logged off (by a computer shutdown, and its not a correct way to do that), but the Agent (on the Asterisk) still remains connected, AND I noticed that ‘Agentlogoff’ event have not been sent in this scenario (user computer shutdown).

I’m checking this out through a ‘show agents online’ Asterisk command, and the agent still remains connected.

Use qualify and/or rtptimeout