Refer/Replace UUI, User-to-User

Does Asterisk support Refer/Replace transfer using a hexadecimal UUI or User-to-User header?


Refer-To: sip:12125551212@

Where 12125551212 is a fake number,
Can I decode 04313132333133353734373837343337343B4F3B30313B39343139313232333233313238 to the real number and insert it in the place of 12125551212 as the Refer-To: URI in order to transfer the call to that number?

I think someone would need to extend the USERUSERINFO variable to the SIP channel driver; right now it’s only for DAHDI.

I believe that in test we use

exten => 77777,2,Set(uui=${SIP_HEADER(User-to-User)})
exten => 77777,3,Verbose(UUI: ${uui});
exten => 77777,6,Dial(SIP/67777@Test)

I hope this can help.