Rediriecting calls on answer

Hi Folks,
I’m trying to achieve the following behaviour, can anyone help?

When an extension calls another one, and the called party answers, transfer both to a meetme conference automatically so that they wouldn’t even realise they were in a conference room.

The aim is to make a system with easy patching of other extensions into already ongoing calls (this would be done an operator via a management interface) whilst retaining the ease of users just dialling each other, rather than all calls being handled by the operator manually patching.

The number of extensions is small so I can effectively give each their own room and use the calling extension’s room as the conference (or use dynamic conferencing I suppose).

The thing I can’t work out how to do is intercept the call once it has been handed over to Dial().

Thanks in advance,

Try use the “G” parameter of the Dial() application.
From the book Asterisk TFOT, 2nd edition:


Marco Bruni

Excellent! that looks like just the thing, thank you very much indeed :smile:

I was using the reference on asterisk-guru which, it seems, is very out of date!