Redirecting a Queue


Is it possible to redirect from one queue to another?

I would like to set queue ‘1234’ with a maximum of 10 concurrent calls (how do you set this?) and then redirect to another queue when 11th call comes in. Is this possible?

Asterisk 1.8.20

Configure the maximum number of callers in queues.conf, then add the next queue as the next priority in extensions.conf. You might also find that queue penalities do what you are really trying to achieve.

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Ok thanks.
We don’t have FreePBX, its a custom built Asterisk server.

Sorry I appreciate this should be in ‘Support’.
Wen you say 'add the next queue as the next priority in extensions.conf’
How do you tell the new queue it is the next priority from the original queue?


Priority is a technical term in Asterisk dialplans. If you don’t understand it, you need to go back to the basic documentation, as it is fundamental to the whole dialplan concept.