Recording or downloading "No Solicitations" Recording

I have a Brother that still has a POTS line that he loves becuse he has a “No Solicitations” recording.

I want to replicate this exact behavior on asterisk

Caller answers and hears recording,
“This number does not accept solicitations. If you are a solicitor, please hang up now. Please dial 1 or wait on the line to be connected.”

So I found for download a similar recording without the “…or wait on the line…” part. I think however people who make asterisk menus with no default destinations are idiots as many things can prevent DTMF detection, without mentioning an antique rotary phone!

I am looking for a good recording like the one my brother already has, or to record the recording on his existing POTS line.

When I have tried to record the one off his POTS line on my asterisk, I get the first few seconds cut off.

Does anyone have a way to record this in its entirety or have one of these recordings but with the wait on the line option?



How about IBM’s Watson Text to Speech demo?

no text to speech. Never sounds good.

I have clients that would disagree with you. Try the demo and see if they have a voice you like.

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