Recording Missing in GUI


Hope you all will be fine. I am seeing Recording Missing in call recording menu although recording is present in monitor folder.

i did found a thread which posted a solution but no luck still same issue.

in the directory /var/www/html/modules/monitoring/libs y edit paloSantoMonitoring.class.php

search for "private function _rutaAbsolutaGrabacion($file)"
and change:



$basedir = ‘/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/’;

and now looks like:

private function _rutaAbsolutaGrabacion($file)
$basedir = ‘/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/’;

Restart http server and the recordings working good in the web admin

Please Help !

As this forum is for the Asterisk project itself and not any of the GUIs you may find help faster by trying their forums instead.

my issue is also based on asterisk Free PBX.

FreePBX is a separate project, it’s not part of Asterisk. It just uses Asterisk underneath. While you are free to post your issue here, the number of people who use FreePBX is nowhere near what it would be if you posted on their forum instead.

That piece of code belongs to the dead Elastix system, Elastix it is not longer Asterisk based now it’s 3CX, so I dont think they neither FreePBX community could help.

For the sake of humanity anybody can help i think so.

Elastix comunity created a folk called issabel, they should know the source code more than any of us. Why dont take a chance to ask help on their comunity forum

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Thanks for your help i have posted my issue on issabel :slight_smile: Stay Blessed

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