Record() disable mute

Seems like when Record is called in the dialplan, the sound is no longer sent to the caller, is there a way to disable that behavior?

System mutes the call when listening for recording basically.

There is an option in asterisk.conf[1] which will send a silent stream while recording.


Thank you very much!

What about AGI script execution, seems like asterisk goes silent when executing AGI, any way to stop that from happening?

If it doesn’t do it as a result of the option then no. Asterisk doesn’t provide a constant stream of media inherently, it’s up to each thing to provide media.

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What about tu inject some audio stream to channel using chanspy

I am injecting media into the channel at the start of the call and when AGI is invoked it goes silent, once AGI ends audio resumes.

ChanSpy mixes audio into the stream that is passing through, if there is no stream then it doesn’t mix in. There’s an open issue on the issue tracker to improve that but noone has worked on it as of yet.

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Is there a way to play audio while AGI is executed?

No, you can’t do two things at once on a channel except for ChanSpy.

So I am thinking - start General conference, then add audio channel and then add processing channel.
This way audio is in main channel and second one is not affecting it