Recommended Server for Asterisk

I’m planning on mounting an Asterisk System for a corporation of about 80 ext.

Thing is i should be buying a server for this purpouse. I’ve heard, that using any server or pc, won’t be a very good if i’m looking for a very stable system with no irq problems and that.

I have also heard, that exist a “server-stress-test” to figure out which servers perform better in general terms.

But I’ve been gooogling down this, and cannot find information about this, except some articles made like 18 months ago…

Anyone can advice me on this issue? I have a budget just for the server of no more than $2500-$3000 expecting that average quality server for this purpose are into this prize range. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I run 1U Dell 1950’s (or R610, R510, etc).

I would personally get a quad core 2.3Ghz with 4G of RAM and RAID 1 or RAID10 array.

i easily get 300-400 calls per system running CentOS 5.2 and Asterisk 1.4.26

should be able to price that under $2500

Nice, that was exactly the server i was planning.

Someone told me that there exist a stress test to select the best options for asterisks servers (for testing purpouses with cards, instead of gateways, etc, cancelling echo, and lost packets, etc, quality of service apart from network issues)

The stress on the system will be impacted by what PSTN interface you select. I saw data that if you choose a ZAP / DAHDI based driver that 8 E1 interfaces generates over 1000 interupts per second on your PCI bus which will kill you system.

Sangoma have created Woomera driver which will allow you to put card in separate PC and not load the Host, but it adds complexity / cost.

Positron make a PCI Blade which you connect to with SIP only (no driver required) and this blade does all the processing on the board so it doesnt load the host pc. It comes in 4 FXO, 4 ISDN and E1/T1 Pri versions.


sorry… i just assumed we were talking a pure SIP/IAX deployment.

I shouldn’t assume :smile: