Recommendations for Asterisk and PJSIP


We have tried asterisk with pjsip in different flavours like with different combination of asterisk and pjsip versions but no one could create a stable result for us. Is there any recommendations for Asterisk version and PJSIP version for large scale platform? Anyone is using both with hundreds of Aors and Contacts? Any sharing of config will be highly appreciated.

The bundled version of PJSIP with the release is always the recommended version to use. As for the rest of your query - you’d need to define large scale.

We are planning to have more than 1000 or 2000 AORs on one server and wanna distribute load based on DNS SRV.

We have used Asterisk 13.23.1 and 15.6.1 with bundled PJSIP version but couldn’t produce good results. We are having asterisk crash issue which I already reported and contacts disconnection issue.

Such a high count and usage is not something anyone has targeted, explored, or optimized for. I don’t think any “combination” will really make it work as you want. Someone just has to identify the bottlenecks/problems and sort them out.

We are in really bad condition right now and we are not over 100 AORs or contacts on a big server. So for now we are just trying to catch issues at this stage.