In my network I have four nodes A,B,C,D.
“A” its the main node connected to B,C and D via frame relay links.

Analog channels.
A: 14 fxs and 6 fxo
B: 2 fxo and 4 fxs
C: 4 fxo and 8 fxs
D: 2 fxo and 4 fxs

In the main node I will install the Asterisk PBX.
In B, C, D I´ll install Voip gateways with fxo/fxs channels, but i´m not shure about that.


  1. Which its the best solution
    a) TDM2400 card plus accesories
    b) TE110P plus a channel bank, I´m thinking in the Rhino channel bank.

  2. For the secondary nodes, B,C,D, I´m thinking in voip gateways, this could be the best solution?

thanks everyone.


for a fairly low cost, simple way of connecting the FXS ports, you could just buy cheap(ish) ATAs at each site - say the Sipura SPA2100.
A little bit more work (because you end up using more devices) to configure than 4 or 8 port FXS devices, but they work fine with Asterisk.