Recommendation of desktop fone?

hello all

can anyone suggest an easily available desktop phone running on plain asterisk , suitable for a small office enviroment - something not to expensive , readilly available second hand , and , reliable - with facilities including call hold, call transfer etc .


in having asterisk set up for a small business, what would be a good way of connecting to the main incoming telephone line ?

  • a ata with an fxo input , or , a proper card from digium ? - best , and easiest …

thanks very much .

you’re likely to get different responses based on what people like in a phone and what brand they like.

I have only used the linksys spa 922 and 942 series and like both of them. These can be found on ebay or IP phone websites for a shade over $100 (and hopefully less) since they are now discontinued phones. I like the phones I have and find it very easy to configure.