Recognize that the Voice input is completed


I am new to IVR Development. I have developed a IVR application, which gets the Input like First Name, Last name, Address etc… I have set the Duration as 20 seconds wait time for each entry. My question is “Please say and spell your first name”. There is a possibility to have the name, which is too longer. If it is too longer, 20 seconds duration is OK to say and spell. If the Name is too short like Lee the user only need 2 or 3 seconds. But my application is waiting till 20 seconds and go for the next question. Is it possible to have the voice recognition to stop recording two or three seconds after the last letter is spoken instead of a preset duration. Once i recognize the Silent for 2 or 3 seconds, i can move forward to next question instead of waiting for 20 seconds for each question.

Thank You!

ismail Khan A

You’re probably going to be doing some development; combining capabilities of recording with capabilities of silence detection. See the Record or Monitor applications and the WaitForSilence application.