Receiving voicemails after PIN confirmation


I need to allow people to leave voicemail after putting in a unique PIN, and it looks like Asterix is perfect for the job. I know nothing about Linux, but I’ve got the AsterixNow distro and I’m gonna play around with it in VMWare with a view to installing it on a dedicated PC.

I’ve a few questions, though.

  • I have a SIP account with an Irish provider. Can I just plug that into AsterixNOW and start accepting calls?
  • Is it easy to plug Asterix into an existing mySQL database, so it can get a list of existing PIN numbers?
  • If the user enters an invalid PIN, can AsterixNOW say it’s incorrect and hang up?
  • Would it be easy to generate and e-mail an MP3 of the voicemail and name it based on the PIN? So the attachment would be called 1234.mp3, for example.
  • At the risk of upsetting people: Can I run AsterixNOW in Windows? :stuck_out_tongue:

Many thanks for any help,


ALL of that is possible to do with Asterisk.

  • Asterisk runs on Linux distributions like Debian, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc. NO Windows. AsteriskNow should have a customized Linux distribution on it.
    *I can not help you with AsteriskNow GUI part. But you can register SIP account using command line in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf
  • You can use your existing MySQL database to pull PINs from there. You might need to write an AGI script.
  • If the PIN is wrong Asterisk can playback that and hangup. It might be done in the same AGI script or you can use dialplan in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
  • You can generate an email on new voicemail with sound file attached. You can customize email subject, body, etc. in /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf file. The possible sound file formats there are wav49, wav, gsm

You kind of need to configure asterisk for your needs and because you are not familiar with linux you would need to spend some time on it. is a good resource. Or you can check with, for example, Digium’s Custom Development team. They will do all of that for you.

Thanks for all the info, vovan! Plenty of food for thought there. I’ll have a look at some of the sites you recommended now.