Receiving many DTMF digits same time

Dear Concern,

It would be appretiatable if anybody can help me to sort the below scenario.

I have an android application which dials the DID number and then send the destination number at same time in DTMF mode. To be more clear, I will dial the destination number in the keypad of the dialer application and press call button, the dialer will automatically dial the DID number with the destination number I entered.
My asterisk server should answer the call and say welcome first and then it should take the destination number and dial it out. How can I do this ? I receive the call from DID number with PRI line. Hope this can be handle only with DTMF, please let me know how we can do this or is there any alternate method ?


Also enabling overlap dialling may make this automatic, but I’m not sure.

With waitexten, the extension number should the number forwarded to select the DID and you normally go to a new context that has just the part of the number after the DID number.

On the Android, you will need a pause and an indication to the system that you have finished the mobile network setup and want to switch to DTMF. You must use a DTMF sending API, not try and synthesize the tones. I don’t know how you actually do this.

Wouldn’t it be better to have enough DID numbers that you can send the full extension in the DID digits?