Receiving calls into sip uril from other telephony systems


Is it possible to asterisk receive calls from other telephony systems like Cisco, Avaya if Asterisk provides a sip uri. The Cisco and Avaya will add the call to the SIP uri provided by asterisk so that they can add as a third party listener .

Could some one tell me is it possible and if yes, how its possible, I mean the settings?

Yes it is possible for your Asterisk installation to receive calls from other telephony systems.

I would recommend starting by reading the WIKI and how to configure res_pjsip.

The sample configurations that come with Asterisk also contains examples for how to configure pjsip.

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As far as Asterisk recognizes source IP as a valid SIP peer and you have context to handle those calls I dont see any major issue

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Thanks @johnkiniston and @ambiorixg12 for your response. If I am starting with Asterisk to Asterisk calls, do we have any examples available? For example, I have two asterisk servers (S1 and S2), and a call is happening in S1 between CS1 and CS2. Can I transfer the call into S2 ?

You can use the Dial application to keep both Asterisk daemons in the connection, or the Transfer application to request the the other daemon to completely take over the call.

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