Receiving caller-id transmission at odd times


I just installed the latest stable AsteriskNOW w/ a new 4 port analog digium PCI-e card.

I have an analog phone with caller-id display plugged into port 4 (FXS) of the digium card.

The configuration is 99% stock with very, very minimal configuration changes made through the web interface. Just the minimum to get an extension assigned to the analog phone and incoming calls on one of the FXO ports delivered to the extension.

Everything works as it is to be expected. However, after every use of the FXS port or a reload of Asterisk (init.d), my analog phone registers a missed call.

What I found is that these missed calls are actually caller-id transmissions that consist of the extension name and extension number. It is as if Asterisk is trying to remind the phone who it is.

I recorded what was happening on the port. In the first recording, I pickup the handset (offhook) for a few seconds then hang up (onhook). The caller-id blast comes through a few seconds later: … last-after

The second recording is the caller-id blast the occurs during the reload of Asterisk: … d-blast-on

The problem is that my analog phone registers these events as missed calls. I’ve also noticed that the phone is not usable for a few seconds while this caller-id blast is occurring.

Does anyone have any idea what this caller-id made up of the extension name and extension number is doing? Why it exists and how to turn it off?