Realtime Pattern Matching in 11.18


I have just updated a test machine to 11.18 from 11.16 and now pattern matching in a realtime extensions table does not work at all.
It works fine in the 11.16 but not in 11.18 is their a config option or something i am missing to enable this behaviour, there is nothing in the release notes that indicates that any changes have been made to realtime behaviour in this minor revision? Adding the extensions to the extensions.conf file is not acceptable, i need it to be 100% db driven.

Also there seems to be a bug with the backslash_is_escape res_config_odbc setting, as now i have to set it to yes to get it to work as advertised, looking at the source in res_config_odbc you can clearly see that the ternary operator is specified the wrong way round (lines 388 and 392).

So all in all 11.18 is not currently fit for purpose in my estimation.