Realtime Mysql for ConfBridge

I am trying to store user profile and bridge profile in Mysql through Asterisk Realtime.
I am successfully using realtime for extensions and music on hold, so I know my database and the connection is good.

I have a user profile named ‘test_user’, and bridge profile called ‘test_bridge’.
In confbridge.conf it would look like this:


In my database, I have a table called ‘confbridge’. I have fields called ‘type’ and ‘pin’.
My problem is that I don’t know what to call the field that contains ‘[test_user]’ and ‘[test_bridge]’

I have tried using the words ‘name’ and ‘context’, but neither of these work. I have googled this and can’t find an answer.

Anyone have an idea???

app_confbridge doesn’t do Realtime.

You can use Realtime Static to put almost any configuration file into a database. It is not as practical as the other realtime but I prefer using a database to configure my Asterisk system.