Realtime introducting InboundAuth

Good day,

I am having a 401 error on all inbound calls coming via a trunk.

I am not getting the error when I disable realtime on pjsip (registrations, auths, aors,endpoints). With static configurations in pjsip.conf it is working well, but when I populate the same fields in the database I am getting a 401.
On assessing the differences after running “pjsip show endpoints” I notice that realtime is introducing InAuth whereas static configuration has not InAuth as shown in the uploaded files.

May you kindly assist


That would mean in the database entry there is an inbound auth configured. You would need to look at it, and confirm things.

It now works thank you. I did not know that the auths field on the Trunk Endpoint was for Inbound auth and I had to remove.

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