Realtime db case insensitive endpoint id possible?

Hi, I have switched from using Asterisk config files (pjsip) to the realtime database. For some reason the Asterisk is indifferent to upper/lower case letters and manages to authenticate an endpoint e.g. arriving as either EP1 or ep1 while the config file contained only the endpoint [ep1], N.B. lower case. However, this does not work after switching to the realtime database where the endpoint also is configured as ep1 in the ps_endpoints table.
I get failed to authenticate until i switch to ep1 (lower case) on the user agent. It is also not possible to create two different endpoints with the ids ep1 and EP1 in ps_endpoints as this is regarded as a duplicate key in the database. I would be very grateful if some could give me a pointer whether or not it is possible to be case insensitive regarding the endpoint id while using the Asterisk realtime db.

In the environment there are many user agents that utilizes the same endpoint so i guess identify would not work?

Johan Hallqvist

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