Realtime database using sqlite3 error at parsing data

Hello, I tried to move the database from mysql to sqlite3. When i using pjsip show endpoints, it say error like this :

NOTICE[23501]: res_pjsip/pjsip_configuration.c:539 connected_line_method_handler: Unrecognized option value  for connected_line_method on endpoint 1001
ERROR[23501]: config_options.c:798 aco_process_var: Error parsing connected_line_method= at line 0 of

I know it refer to connected_line_method column in my sqlite3 file. All my ps_endpoints table data is set to NULL. Anybody can help why it working in mysql but not working in sqlite3 ???
Thank before

The message likely points to some other kind of problem. You could start by typing “database show” and see what gets returned.

The system database is a simple sqlite3 hash table and the fields are “key” and “value”. There’s nothing really special here.

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