Really need help!

Hello! I’m working in an IT company. The old server we have had a really old P5GC-MX with Fedora+Asterisk installed on it but a voltage failure killed the motherboard. Hoping that could save the configuration, we got a same ICH7 motherboard and switched it with the broken.
Everything boots and all services starts ok, but phones don’t work.
The motherboard has a Sangoma A200 card on pci slot. The Wanpipe service start but i don’t know how to assign Trunks hardware from the current distro (it has the GUI FreePBX).
I got lost between dahdi, zaptel, and whatever else you can imagine.

This is the phone configuration:
[5 ETHERNET Phones] > ASTERISK > 2 phone cables for 2 numbers outline

Is there a way to fix it installing AsteriskNow?
Phones are Linksys spa942
I’m really in needing of help. Please be clear as possible!

For urgent and specific help hire a contractor near your place.
For help in open forums be clear and ask specific questions providing details. So far I know you are using FreePBX and your phones aren’t registered to your box.

  1. Is the same HDD?
  2. Is the same IP address of the old server?
  3. Which version of FreePBX?
  4. What does the asterisk cli show when you reboot the phone?

For questions about FreePBX use their forum at

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To be honest you will need some one with Asterisk /FreePBX /Sangoma hardware expertises who log remotely to your server and help you to do the config. Because in a blog like this or FreePBX comunity members will only share general thoughts and it seems your issue need a capable specialist to do the config