Realizing a Live-Line on Asterisk

Hi there!

I would like to realize a life-line on an Asterisk-Server. Meaning multiple callers can hear a ceremony in a chruch - live. At the same time the ceremony is supposed to be recorded and can be listened to until the next ceremony.

The requirements are as fellowed:

  • Multiple ISDN hook-up must me supported to allow more than 2 lines
  • Must be able to be extended up to PRI
  • Hook-up to a microphone and/or speaker system
  • Analogue phones must be able to be used to make regular calls
  • Server can be used behind phone interface

I already looked into phone interfaces and add-ons for them, but I cant to seem a CHEAP sollution. I hope this little project can be realized with Asterisk. I dont see another possibility!

Thank you guys!

Greetings from Germany


Yes, this is possible using the MixMonitor/Monitor feature of Asterisk coupled with the MeetMe application of Asterisk. If you want to use PRIs for PSTN interconnection than have a look at the cards that Digium provides. Alternatively, you could have a look at Sipgate in Germany to provide your PSTN ineterconnection and therefore not require any additional hardware.

As for the input from the A/V system, you could go with something as simple as a PC running a SIP Softphone (ie - CounterPath’s Eyebeam) with the A/V plugged into the sound card of the PC. There may be more elegant solutions out there, but this would work.

And as for playback later, this is a straightforward proposition, by simply doing a Playback on the recorded wound file for the caller. You could also get fancy and stream the file over the web with Icecast or Shoutcast as a Music on Hold stream, thereby streaming both to your callers and to folks on your website.